Center For Space Standards & Innovation


CSSI advocates state-of-the-art technology in researching and developing innovative technical solutions for national security and space. Using high-accuracy analysis software, the team publishes free reports to raise awareness in the community of issues that could adversely affect the industry, such as conjunction prediction. These resources are designed to promote optimum use of space assets to further enhance U.S. security and public awareness of space information.

SOCRATES   SOCRATES - Satellite Orbital Conjunction Reports Assessing Threatening Encounters in Space offers a free list of conjunctions by maximum probability and minimum range.
SOCRATES   NOTICE ADVISORY TO NAVSTAR USERS (NANU) - Access the most current NANUs along with the most accurate historical NANU database available. Discrepancies are individually described and corrected NANUs are provided.
Send e-mail to David Finkleman   Space, Land, Sea, and Air Mobile Communications, Data Transfer, and Networking - Linkage of robust physical layer phenomena with link, network, transport, and application layer interactions. Approaches to simulating strong physical layer interactions and situations in which physical phenomena occur on time scales comparable to or shorter than network phenomena. For more information, contact Dr. David Finkleman at
  CSSI was awarded US patent # 7383153, "Method for determining maximum conjunction probability of rectangular-shaped objects" on June 3, 2008.
    Peer-reviewed journal articles: A Numerical Implementation of Spherical Object Collision Probability By Dr. Salvatore Alfano.

Other projects:
Close approaches/laser clearinghouse research (Sal Alfano)
Data services (T.S. Kelso)
Ephemeris community baseline (David A. Vallado)
International standards development (David Finkleman)