Center For Space Standards & Innovation


CSSI Outreach Schedule

The CSSI team participates in an outreach program to advocate high standards and innovation as well as encourage young talent and creative ideas to thrive in the aerospace field.

Calendar of events

2009 Aug 9-13 2009 AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialist Conference (Pittsburgh, PA)
2010 Feb 14-18 2010 AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting
2009 Feb 8-12 2009 AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting (Savannah, GA)
2008 Oct 21-23 3rd IAASS Conference (Rome, Italy)
2008 Oct 7-9 AGI Users' Conference (Chicago, IL)
2008 Sep 16-19 AMOS Technical Conference (Maui, HI)
2008 Aug 18-21 2008 AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialists Conference (Honolulu, HI)